If you’re like me then you’ve been asking yourself this question for awhile, “Where do I host my online developer portfolio?”. There are a lot of options and even more opinions floating around the web on this exact question, but I want to add another option that I rarely see anyone discussing, deploying on an AWS Lightsail server. Lightsail servers are fast, fully customizable, and best of all cheap (I pay ~3.50 a month). …

A while back, while I was working on my first web developer portfolio, I knew that I wanted a contact form on my page. Every solution I could find to handle emailing the form to myself required an API key. Having an API key means a hidden .env file on a backend else you might suffer the wrath of the endless army of bots scouring the web.

I will be honest, I did not want to write a backend just to handle a single ‘contact me’ form on my portfolio. It did not seem to be a valuable use of…

Patrick Marschlowitz

Full Stack Web Developer | JavaScript | Node | React | Redux

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